Private Dental Charges

Private dental costs vary significantly from practice to practice and in different areas across the UK. Ford Dental Surgery try to be fair on pricing, a few points below may help with clarity.

Our "From" Clause: Almost all our prices are shown as "From £..." They are an accurate reflection of the fees we charge but every patient and every case is unique. We don't feel dentists can (or should) give a firm price until they have seen you.

Materials Used: Most treatments involve using dental materials, or the assistance of an outside lab. We believe that paying for the best is right for patients, if you see cheap dental prices, materials may not be of the same standard.

Private Patient Charges

Emergency Consultation£50.00
Routine Examination (including x-rays)£45.00
Hygiene Visit (30 mins appts)£48.00
X-Rays Small x-ray (each)£10.00
Full Mouth Digital X-Ray£35.00
White Fillingsfrom £90.00 - £110.00
Root Canal Treatment (Incisor/Canine)from £150.00
Pre Molar (Inc x-rays)from £200.00
Molarfrom £250.00
Apisectomy (Single Canal Only)£250.00
Crown/Bridgework, Porcelain Bonded£400.00 + £50 for Core
Emax Crown£500.00
Metal Post & Corefrom £70.00
Ceramic Post and Corefrom £120.00
Re-cementfrom £65.00
Veneer (per tooth)£400.00
Ceramic Inlaysfrom £400.00
Extractionsfrom £100.00
Surgical Extractionsfrom £250.00
Night Bite Appliance£150.00
Sports Guard£150.00
Acrylic Denturefrom £400.00
Partial Chrome (each)from £750.00
Addition per tooth£40.00
Soft Lining/Reline£130.00
Hard Reline£105.00
Flexible Denture£600.00
Dental Implants
(Each case will require a full consultation)
Free of Charge
Provision of Single dental implant£1500.00
Mini Implants
ConsultationFree of Charge
Provision of single mini implant£500.00

Tooth Whitening

At Home Whitening£250.00

Ultimate Tooth Whitening -Enlighten£550.00