Denture Stabilisation

Tackling loose, uncomfortable dentures

Countless people have missing teeth in one or both jaws. For many of these people, it is a real struggle to keep their dentures secure, especially if the teeth are missing in the lower jaw.

If this affects you, then you will be familiar with the frustration of being unable to eat a full range of foods without resorting to methods such as dental adhesives. It may be time for you to find out about stabilisation with dental implants. Supporting your dentures with dental implants such as a Root Replacement will give you back your ability to chew naturally, allowing you a more varied diet and the potential health improvements associated with it. It will increase your self-confidence and your speech. It will give you more comfort and less gum irritation than conventional methods, and it will put a stop to the expense and inconvenience of attaching and removing dentures.

Denture Stabilisation Aftercare

After-care will consist of simply removing the denture at night and using a toothbrush to clean any food or plaque from around the implant. The post-operative regime is easy to follow and light work when compared to the repeated insertion and removal of old style dentures.

With dental implants as a means of stabilisation, you are free to go about your daily life full of confidence.