Dental Augmentation

In modern day implant dentistry, augmentation (or grafting) is commonplace in order to achieve the optimal outcome.

Periodontitis is a disease which gradually destroys the supporting tissue of your teeth, such as the gums and bone. If it is allowed to progress too far, a lot of bone can be lost and your teeth will no longer be a snug fit for their sockets, leading to a situation where they will eventually be lost or have to be removed. This is where dental augmentation can step in, using techniques such as bone grafts or applying tissue-stimulating proteins which encourage the body’s natural ability to heal and regenerate the lost tissue.

Augmentation can also be used to prepare the socket before dental implants are installed. An implant needs to fit perfectly into the jaw for the procedure to be successful, but when a tooth is lost it can take some bone tissue with it. If a missing tooth is the reason you need an implant, augmentation may be necessary first.

If you require dental augmentation before an implant, it can be performed as part of the procedure. A consultation with the specialists will give you a better idea of what dental augmentation can do for you, and determine whether it’s the treatment which is best for your circumstances.